Top Features

Here are the Top Ten Reasons RV Owners Love The RV Security System:

  1. The RV Security System bridges the gap between a car alarm and a home alarm.
    It’s not just a big car alarm. Most systems just make a noise – but our system alerts you to intrusions even if you’re on another continent. You only need a cell phone to receive alerts.
  2. Police love the RV Security System.
    The US Department of Justice states that nationally, 94-98% of all alarms are false. You can’t blame the police in many jurisdictions for having policies prohibiting response to burglar alarms without visual verification. Our system verifies an intrusion is occurring by sending a video to your cell phone. If a crime is occurring, you’ll know and can alert the police, informing them you have visual verification. Many states have enacted laws requiring police to treat an alarm that has been visually verified the same way they would treat an alarm if someone were to physically present at the break-in site.
  3. Installation is easy.
    No wires. Period. Our cameras are military grade, and so light that you can use command strip tape to install them – though we recommend using screws. One screw is all it takes to remove the camera back panel. Pop the screw tab out, and mount. Replace the cover, and replace the screw you removed. The base unit can be mounted on a wall – or kept in a drawer or suitcase.
  4. Prosecution is  possible, even if the RV Security System is stolen and destroyed.
    Since our system uploads videos to our European and US servers using cellular networks and doesn’t rely on your RV for power, it doesn’t matter if your unit is destroyed or stolen. We have videos of people attempting to destroy our cameras with a baseball bat and succeeding – the key part of this is “We have videos.”
  5. Your Motorhome Gets a Baby Sitter – Not a Video Feed You Have to Monitor
    Since our system only activates upon an intrusion, you won’t have to look through hours and hours of video, or risk the footage you need being “looped over.”
  6. The most thorough alert system available.
    Your system can call, text you AND emails you,  or any combination of people you choose, at the same time. In fact, If you want 15 people to receive alerts, it isn’t a problem. Plus, you can easily edit alert recipients using our web portal (or let us know what you need changed – we’ll walk you through the process during business hours).
  7. Ease of use.
    Our security system arms and disarms with a keychain remote. Push one button to arm. Push another to disarm – while outside your RV. Pretty easy, huh?
  8. The best warranty in the business.
    Every piece of hardware is warranteed for 3 years. If any component in your system fails and it isn’t due to being dropped, we’ll replace it fast. If.
  9. Expandblility.
    With RV Security, you can have up to 24 peripheral devices, including indoor motion cameras, temperature sensors (to protect pets), strobe lights, sirens – and we can even build custom sensors for you.
  10. Freedom from worrying about your RV.
    You spent big bucks to have the luxuries of home follow you everywhere, only to now have to worry about what happens when you’re away from your RV. Our system monitors your RV while you’re gone, unchaining you from your home-away-from home. So install our system and roam away from your RV. Visit friends. See that movie. Catch that sunset. And know that if someone tries something, you’ll get an alert, and the chance to respond, quickly.
  11. Our System Works When You’ve Parked Your RV for the Season.
    We couldn’t stop at ten reasons. Another reason you’ll love our RV Security System is that it will work when you’ve parked your RV for the season. Since the RV Security system uses batteries that last up to three years, even in -40 or +140 temperatures, you’ll have protection in virtually every circumstance.