Why You Need an RV Security System this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is almost upon us, and RVers will be filling the roads headed to their favorite places, with their favorite people.

We’ve been very thankful for strong sales of The RV Security System this year. We wish that these sales came to us on better terms though. What I mean by this is that I wish we had a larger customer base of users who contacted us prior to a break in. The large bulk of our customers approach us after their RV or Fifth Wheel has been broken into. And that honestly makes me sad.

These are the customers who understand why they need an RV Security System. They get it – we don’t have to sell them on the need. Once they understand the need, they contact us, because if you’re looking for the best system available, we have it.

You need an RV Security System because you have things that other people want in your RV. Even if you clean it out, people will think you have things they want in your RV. Desperate people will damage your RV to get to these things!

One customer who recently purchased the RV Security System told us he had been broken into twice in the last six months alone. His RV is parked at a very nice storage facility in a nice part of his town. It is well lit, and the storage company even has “24/7 Video Surveillance.” Yet this very nice man has experienced two expensive break-ins, and gotten to watch those famous, frustrating surveillance videos. Like a lot of victims we talk to, this man suffered more financial loss from damage to his RV than he did from actual theft. Cabinetry, upholstery, windows – these are all expensive to replace. These things are time-consuming to replace. Replacing them leaves you feeling like a victim.

You need an RV Security System because you want to have the chance to stop crime while it is happening. Only the RV Security System is cell based with individually self-powered components. Our system works anywhere you get a cell phone signal, and sends you a video verification of the intrusion. With that, you can contact police and get an actual response to your intrusion.

Go ahead, give us a call with questions. We’re here to help. 901-922-9600.