Follow Up: How Well the RV Security System Did Protecting a Home

Several days ago, we shared how one of our employees used The RV Security System to temporarily protect their home. We couldn’t be more thrilled as to how things worked out.

To recap, the employee was in a situation where a handyman had to come to their home to do some maintenance – and the employee could not be at their house while this was happening. to protect themselves, they temporarily installed (and when we say installed, we mean that they placed our cameras on the ground facing doors – it took only a couple of minutes) cameras in areas the handyman had no need to go into.

So how did the system work? The handyman went into a bedroom past the area he was working on. The system called our employee and sent a video to his iPhone. The employee called the apartment management and was able to take care of the situation without involving the police.

One of the things that we really like about The RV Security System is the discretion it affords users. If a user gets an alert to something going on in their RV – a strange intruder, for example, calling the police is appropriate. We’ve had stories from users of the system who have had incidents that they felt would not have been appropriate for police involvement though.

A good example of this is a customer who had a problem with their kids breaking into their RV to party. They wanted to know what was happening so they could deal with things themselves. Our system allowed them to do that – and to show other parents very quickly (courtesy a simple email forward) what was happening.

We would love to help you protect your RV. If you have any questions about our system, or would like to order, please, call us at 901-922-9600.