Custom Alerts and Triggers: Protect Your Pets or Trigger a Symphony.

Customers love our out of the box packages – they are easy to set up and meet the needs of about 90% of those people contacting us.

For those of you with custom needs, our system can be configured to work with you. The premise is simple: If you have a sensor that you want to tie into our system, we can normally adapt your sensor to work with our system. We can also work with your custom installer to adapt your sensor to work with our system.

Alternately, we can help you configure our system to trigger many external devices.

I’ll give you some example of this to help you visualize some possibilities.

Scenario One: 

Dogs in an RV Park

You Love Them. Protect Them Even When You're Gone.

John and Susan love traveling around the country with their dogs. They are nervous about leaving their dogs in their RV, because they have had a generator failure in the past. The couple would like to be able to leave their dogs behind without worrying about dangerous temperatures in the RV.

The solution is simple: John and Susan work with RV Security to find a temperature sensor that can be integrated with The RV Security System. RV Security provides an off the shelf, industrial quality temperature sensor which they integrate with the system and test before shipping. John and Susan are notified of physical threats to their dogs (an intruder) and temperature increases before their dogs are at risk. Their property and family are thus made safer.




Scenario Two:

Is Your RV Protected While In Storage?

"Look at all those trailers in one place!" Traditional Video surveillance won't help at 3:00 AM. Video Alerts from the RV Security System will. We can even tie systems to many external devices of your choice.

Frank’s travel trailer has been broken into three times in the last nine months while in storage. He lives a mile away from the storage facility, which is very close to a neighborhood. Frank wants notifications when he is at home or out of town, but he also wants something to raise a ruckus at the scene. He contacts RV Security to find out if there is anyway that the system can trigger a horn system he is thinking of purchasing.

The answer is yes. RV Security recommends the customer’s installer contact them. We work with the installer to select a horn system that can be activated by a dry contact, and ship the system configured to activate the horn system when any component of the system detects an intrusion. This system still sends alerts out, but any intruder is treated to a sound show the likes of which they have not heard.

It should be noted that we have very capable outdoor strobes and sirens available, however we have found that some customers really want to put on a show!


If you have something you would like to protect in your RV, that’s what we do. Give us a call at 901-922-9600. We would love to be of service to you.