Why Is the RV Security System Revolutionary? Part 1

One of the most common questions we get from potential customers is “What makes the RV Security System the revolutionary system that you say it is?” For an RV security system, it is revolutionary simply because it fills a void. Before the RV security system was available, there simply was no home level or business level security system available that would work as you drove your RV, parked your RV, and went to and from your RV anywhere. Everything else was simply a big car alarm.

What makes the RV Security System Revolutionary in a broad sense is that it fundamentally changes the nature of security systems. Until now, users at homes and businesses have had to rely on what is called central monitoring. Central monitoring has involved motion sensors being linked to a central monitoring station which then dispatches police upon detecting an intrusion. The problem with that is that the Department of Justice says 94% to 98% of all alarms are false.

Reality forces police to treat alarms like they are false. Las Vegas and Salt Lake City have standing orders to their police departments do not respond to alarms unless an intrusion is “visually verified”. Most people do not want to visually verify that an intruder is in or on their property since doing so puts them in physical danger.

The RV Security System solves this problem. Unlike traditional systems that treat motion as the basis for action, our system treats motion as the basis for an alert. When the system detects motion, it sends a video alert to everyone on the alert distribution list. At that point, a glance at a 10 second video lets anyone on the distribution list know whether or not involving the police is appropriate, or whether the alert trigger was invalid.

In other words, our system allows visual verification in a timely manner without putting any human life at risk.

And that is what is truly revolutionary about The RV Security System.