Three Types of RV Security Systems for Three Types of Customers

No one customer uses their RV in the exact same way another does, so no one customer will secure their RV in the same way as another. Usage patterns will vary, but we’ve discovered that most commonly there are three things different customers want the system to do:

Scenario One: Secure the RV Interior only. These customers are concerned about preventing and prosecuting vandalism and theft from their RV.
Most customers who purchase systems from us for this purpose have luxury RVs with interiors that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. These customers also understand that the cost of damage to an interior is more than just a dollar sign. When the interior of an RV is destroyed by a thief, dollars, convenience, and innocence are taken.
Scenario Two: Secure the RV Storage Area. These Customers are concerned about their storage area only.
Customers who want to secure their storage area understand that their RV is most vulnerable when they are away from it, and want to receive alerts when they are away from their RV (while it is in storage).
Scenario Three: Secure the RV Storage Area and the RV Interior. These customers have a secure storage area, but realize that when traveling the only area that they can control is the RV interior. When they are at home base, they use their system to monitor the interior. When they are at home, they use outdoor system components to protect the exterior of their RV. When on the road, they protect the interior. This is the best of both worlds.

No matter what your philosophy on RV Security is, we offer a system that will do what you need it to. The RV Security System will send interior and exterior video alerts to your phone and/or computer, allowing you to take appropriate action. Our systems do not rely on an external power source so they won’t drain your RV’s battery. Our monthly plans include the cellular charges.Best yet, there is no wiring a tall to fool with.

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