Three Categories of RV Breakins and Burglaries

We’ll make a confession: this past week, we’ve been pouring over videos on that show the effects of RV burglaries. There are three classifications to these burglaries, and all of them make us angry.

  1. Burglaries that occur in an RV or Motorhome Storage Facility.
  2. Burglaries that occur in an RV stored outside a storage facility (at a home, in a barn, etc)
  3. Burglaries that occur in an RV parked while it is on the road.

The reason that seeing these videos makes us angry is that like all decent people, we know stealing is wrong. We have also talked to enough people who have had their RV’s robbed to know that when that happens, it puts the RV Owner through a tremendous mental anguish. Some feel very angry, some feel victimized, some feel unsafe, and some feel all three. The list of emotions would probably be much longer if compiled by someone with training in that area.

Here is a third thing that makes us angry about every category of RV Burglary and Breakin: Nearly every instance of an RV break in or burglary we have seen could have been interrupted by police if the RV owners had been using The RV Security System. The breakin occurs, our system alerts the owners and others on the alert list with video alerts straight to their cell phones, text messages, and voice calls, the intrusion is verified with the video clip, the police are called, and since you have a video of the crime in progress, the police in many jurisdictions will give a priority response. They just seem to like catching bad guys.

We want to help you keep your RV safe. Give us a call at 901-922-9600, and we’ll be glad to talk with you about the RV Security System – how it works, how easy it is to install, and what it costs.