The RV Security System vs. Traditional Alarm and Surveillance Systems

Trees knocked onto powerlines by Alabama tornado

Downed powerlines mean no power. This will cause traditional alarm and surveillance systems to fail.

We get a lot of calls from customers looking for RV surveillance systems. Surveillance systems very popular right now because technology has progressed to the point that someone with very little technical prowess can get a lot of bang for their buck. A $1700 box from Sam’s Club and a weekend of running cabling through a house nets a homeowner a very impressive surveillance system. Higher end units even have email alerts (but they won’t show you what set them off, call, or text you).

There are two major drawbacks to such systems, and these drawbacks have been reinforced by the spring tornadoes, floods, and general bad weather we’ve had all across the US this year.

The first drawback is power consumption. Surveillance systems require power from the power company, and lots of it. If a tornado hits your local transformer or power line, your system will stop working immediately – unless you have a battery backup. Some parts of Northern Alabama were without power for two weeks due to tornadoes. A really big battery backup system  would net a medium sized surveillance system an hour of backup time, tops. When that’s gone, you’re vulnerable.

The RV Security System is superior to surveillance systems because of its low power operating mode. Our system uses long lasting batteries and a very efficient design that minimizes power consumption to maximize up time. Typical residential use scenarios see a 1-4 year battery life cycle, and the system checks periodically to warn you of any dead batteries. I (Matthew) use the RV Security System to protect my home, and I use it at the offices. When Memphis had bad storms that knocked power out, I never had a moment of unprotected property due to power outages.

No other RV Security System or RV Alarm on the market operates without using your RV’s batteries. We get calls from RV owners who complain that other systems won’t even stay up for a day when their RV is in storage because of battery life issues. They’re very happy when we tell them The RV Security System stays powered up for years in storage scenarios.

The second drawback to traditional Alarm and Surveillance Systems is connectivity. In major storms, tens of thousands of buildings in an area can lose their internet connectivity. In some cases, this is due to damage to the internet providers’ systems. In other cases, the service providers lose power to their systems, just like the rest of us. When Memphis last lost power, our office’s Comcast connection was down for a week because the last service point before our building was without power.

Most surveillance systems that allow outside monitoring or alerting require a good hard wired internet connection. The RV Security System utilizes cellular technology. With fewer points of failure, we see much less down time than traditional alarm and surveillance systems. In fact, the only downtime that could occur due to a tornado would be due to a direct hit on a localized cell tower. Cell companies normally fix these quickly with a mobile cell tower. Thus, connectivity wise, The RV Security System is much more reliable than internet base systems.

Telephone based systems have a weakness The RV Security System does not have: wiring. A simple clip to a phone line renders traditional alarm systems inert. The RV Security System uses no wiring. Instead, it uses wireless connectivity with military grade encryption and connectivity.

No power use, low failure rate from network issues, and no wires to clip matter to RV owners who store their RVs, but most people who own an RV actually want to use it! The RV Security System works on the road, and the same things that make it great for use in storage make it great on the road: it won’t use your RV’s batteries and it doesn’t require a telephone or hardwired internet connection.

To close, The RV Security System is, flat out, the best security system on the market today for RV owners. We would love to help you protect your investment and memories. Please call us at 901-922-9600 today for a fast, free quote!