The RV Security System: Perfect for Mardis Gras

If you’ve ever had your RV burglarized at a major event like Mardis Gras, you’ve probably wondered if there might have been a way to protect your RV. Until now, there wasn’t.If you were burglarized, you found out when you got back to your RV, the burglars were long gone, and that was that.

The RV Security System changes everything.

Here’s how. The RV Security is the only security system for RV’s that isn’t blind and dumb. We’re not being mean when we say that.

What it means is that our system doesn’t send out false alarms. When you leave your RV, you arm The RV Security System using a remote (you can also use an in vehicle panel). If someone breaks into your RV, the system uses visual light and infrared motion detection. It sees their motion, and it then records up to a 10 second clip of that motion. That’s what we mean when we say the system isn’t blind.

Our system isn’t dumb. It’s so smart that  it alerts you off site. It doesn’t just alert one person though. The RV Security system sends video alerts to unlimited cell phones and email addresses. It sends unlimited text messages. And it will call up to five phone numbers. In other words, you can set the system to alert just you or you, your family, the attorney, your twice removed Uncle Bill… You’re in control. You can even change who receives alerts at any time.

No other system protects your RV the way The RV Security System does.