The Lie of “24 Hour Security” in RV Storage

The phrase “24 Hour Security Cameras” is one of the most common and effective selling points that RV, travel trailer, toy, and boat storage facilities use to sell their storage services. Often, these facilities fail to provide the level of security that customers deserve and expect.

Background on “24 Hour Security” & CCTV Systems
A company can claim to offer “24 Hour Security” by doing very little. The least effective and most common method of doing this is with gate control and a cheap CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system. CCTV is used because it is considerably less expensive than full time guards. The footage taken by a CCTV system can be used later in court to aid in prosecuting criminals who rob or vandalize storage locations.

CCTV systems record on a “loop”, which means that whether they are using old analogue tapes or newer digital systems, they will record a certain number of hours, and then begin to write over the old footage.

Cleaning Up an RV After a Vandal/Robber

Where CCTV Systems and “24 Hour Security” Fail
Monday and Tuesday are busy days at RV Security, because Sunday  and Monday have been been busy days for our future customers. This is because Friday night or Saturday night criminals broke into their RV storage facility and robbed every RV they could get into.

The first RV owner to discover a break in typically contacts the facility management, who in turn contact the police and the other victims. By the time we hear these stories, anywhere between five and twenty RVs may have been hit. Some owners are lucky and have only had televisions taken. In other cases, the RVs are completely stripped down to and including their copper wiring.

CCTV systems do little to help storage customers with what they really need: a safe storage location! A CCTV just like the one your storage facility is using will not help you interrupt the crime – it will only show you a frustrating video well after your RV has been broken into, robbed, and vandalized.

The reason is simple: a CCTV system does not work unless a person is monitoring it. Your storage facility is using a CCTV system to save money, so of course there is no person monitoring it. The only time the footage the CCTV system records will be seen is long after a crime has been committed. There is no crime interruption, and therefore no 24 hour security. The customer is completely and utterly failed.

Storage companies know this, which is why they assume no liability for property in their care!

How The RV Security System Solves The Problem
If your goal is to be able to contact law enforcement to interrupt a vandal or robber at your RV, The RV Security System works where CCTV doesn’t. In many cases, it is better than a full time guard!


The motion sensor on The RV Security System is activated when a criminal enters its field of vision. The RV Security System then uploads the intrusion video to our servers via it’s internal cellular modem, where it is archived and sent to your phone (via text message) and email. Not just your phone and email, but as many texts and emails as you want. We even have plans that will call up to five telephone numbers when a possible intrusion is detected!

The RV Security System is completely wireless, which means that you can use internal and external cameras. Internal cameras mount easily with a couple of screws or 3M Command Strips, and outdoor cameras can be placed in adjusted using magnetic mounts (perfect for metal bays or mounting on the RV itself) or screws.

Because you get a quick alert to an intrusion, you can contact law enforcement and save yourself the time, money, and heartache a successful break-in can cause.

For more information, please call us at (901) 922-9600. Our agents will go over the various configuration options and monthly plans offered by RV Security. We can quickly help you find the protection you need!