Why is the RV Security System Revolutionary? It Can Fight Fuel Theft (Part 2)

Yesterday, we had the first article in a series called “Why is the RV Security System Revolutionary?” Part One covered how the system eliminates the need for central monitoring (in many instances).

In Part Two, we’re going to talk about the revolutionary ease of installation the system offers.

We have a confession to make:  we rarely permanently install The RV Security System for personal use. Normally, we run around with a Pelican Case and use command strips to install indoor motion cameras and leave the base unit in our demo case. If we are traveling, we’ll leave the base in our suit case, padded by clothes.

Why is this revolutionary? Because with our system, you can literally have an area protected in minutes. We have been getting calls from RV owners in Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California lately who have been victims of fuel theft. We even spoke with one unfortunate man who had his fuel tanks stolen from a truck located by his RV.

The ease of installation offered by the RV Security System means that you can roll into a new parking location, set an outdoor camera up in a few minutes, and be alerted to anyone intruding into the space around your RV. No wires, no power lines… mount and point the camera, and you’re ready to go. You’ll get a video of fuel theft sent straight to your phone, allowing you to take appropriate action.

And with gas prices as high as they are, that is revolutionary.