Protecting Pets from Fire, Heat, and Cold When You Travel in Your RV

Protect Pets from Fire and Extreme Temperatures

Some things are worth protecting. Pets are among them.

My wife and I love Jack Bauer. Not the guy from 24 (we like him, but he’s not the lovey type), but the poodle my wife and I adopted from Dogtired Ranch Small Dog Rescue almost three years ago. Many of our customers have pets they travel with that they love too. Security should be about protecting what you love.

One of the great dangers of traveling with pets is leaving them at your RV. The obvious threat is an intruder breaking in and harming your pets. The RV Security System works well to alert you to threats of that nature, allowing you to get law enforcement response quickly. But we don’t stop there. We also offer alerts for smoke, heat, and cold.

Protect Pets with a Dual Temperature Sensor

This Dual Temperature Sensor Can Save Your Pet's Life if Your A/C Fails

Protect Your Pets from The Heat – and the Cold
The less obvious threat is the danger of temperature. Pet owners have repeatedly asked us for an add on to our system that would alert them to high or low temperatures in their RV. Like us, they have heard the horror stories of generators failing in a hot climates, and animals dying as a result of the heat. We’re proud to announce that we have such an add on available.

You’re probably wondering how this works. We chose a mechanical sensor because it was the most reliable option available. Mechanical sensors have very low failure rates and don’t require a power source. If your generator fails and can’t drive your A/C, it wont’ drive a temperature sensor either.

As you can see in the picture, there are three temperature indicators. These are lowest desired temperature, actual temperature, and highest desired temperature. Most home thermostats will only kick in and send one signal at a time, which is why you have to tell it to cool or heat. Our alert thermostat monitors the temperature for both ranges, meaning you just deploy it and forget about it. The price of these is $267.00, considerably less than other similar solutions on the market for $400. These other solutions don’t provide any security, require a separate monthly plan in addition to any security plan you have, and won’t work on the road the way our system does. Please note: The dual temp sensor is wired into XT and XTO panels. We can provide a wireless solution at a slightly higher price. This is hardware made by another company. It works great, but it is not wireless like our hardware.

Whether You're in Your RV or Away From Your RV, Our Smoke Detector Will Alert You to Smoke

Protect Your Pets From Fire

Everyone familiar with RVing has seen the fridge recalls. Defective refrigerators were starting fires in RV’s. These problems have been fixed in most units, but RV Owners should still be wary of fire. Fire is incredibly dangerous in RV’s, and should be treated as such. RV Security offers a Smoke Detector that can alert you both while you are inside your RV and while you are way from your RV to a smoke producing fire.

You should never go into a burning RV to try to rescue a pet; such attempts never end well. A smoke detector works best by picking up smoldering fires before they get too large, allowing you to contact the fire department if appropriate.

An early fire detection can save the lives of your pets and your family. No fire detection can be tragic.

Our wireless smoke detectors sell for $136.00. If you have a system and plan with us, this will tie in without additional monthly charges for alerts.


In Conclusion
Please, feel free to contact us with any questions. You can call us at 901-922-9600, tweet us @TheRVSecurity, or visit our Facebook Page.