Protecting Medical and Blood Collection RV’s with a Mobile, Video Based Security System

We have had several non-profit organizations contact us recently to inquire about protecting their medical and blood collection RVs. Some are responding to actual break-ins in which they have lost equipment and medical supplies and other organizations are being proactive. The most common fear we have heard expressed is that materials stolen from a medical RV will be used by drug addicts to support their habit. Another concern is losing the ability to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively.

If your organization has a medical RV on stand by for disaster response, we highly recommend your organization purchase a security system of some type.

Basic protection of a medical RV would consist of a secure fence and integration with a static blind security system. This would consist of parking your RV in a fenced area and having a traditional security company wire sensors from around the RV parking area into your building’s existing security system. This will provide a minimal layer of protection to the medical RV. This method of protection is far from perfect. Outdoor installations of traditional systems are easy to defeat with simple wire cuts and an extended power outage such as what is being experienced in Northern Alabama would cause such a system to lose power after approximately 4 hours (the most common battery backup level on traditional security systems).

Since most RV’s are stored outdoors, traditional motion based systems will yield a disproportionate amount of false alarms. Over time, this may lead the police to respond with less speed to alarms at your organization’s address. A traditional system will not protect your organization’s RV while it is on the road responding to disasters.

A better solution is The RV Security System. Our system is ideal for RV protection for several reasons.

The first reason is that it The RV Security System the only system that will protect your agency’s RV both on the road and at home. This is because our system utilizes cellular technology to send all alerts. Because of this, our system will work at your base camp and at most disaster locations.

The second reason The RV Security System is ideal for protecting medical RVs is that there is no wiring between system components. This means there is no wiring that can be clipped between system components, which makes the system more difficult to defeat and easier to deploy.

The third reason The RV Security System is ideal for protecting medical RVs is that our system has multiple alert methods that can be custom tailored to meet your agency’s needs.

Each system can be custom configured to send up to five voice alerts, and unlimited mms and email video alerts. For example, the system might be configured to call three team members on the field with the system in the event of an intrusion and two at home – while sending 16 video alerts to 8 people (both on their computer and phone) or 24 video alerts to 12 people.

For more information on how we can help your organization protect your medical RV or blood donation collection RV, please contact RV Security at 901-922-9600.