Our Next Generation Systems

We have struggled to push as many new features out in every release of our security systems as is possible, and to minimize the number of hardware releases.

We are releasing our next generation systems, and have packed a lot of new technology into them. Most of this is reliability based, but there are two points we want to focus on.

  1. New 3g Modems. If you’ll notice, our systems have always had a lot better battery life than your smart phone – 3 years average battery life for our system, vs. a day (if you’re lucky) for the average smart phone. Battery life is one of the most important features of a mobile security system, and 3g modems were not available to meet our customer requirements. That has now changed, and we’re deploying new systems with 3g modems. The effect of this for you is dramatic – your system communicates with our alert servers much, much more quickly, and therefore alerts are delivered in a fraction of the time.
  2. Color Cameras. Color videos take up much more data than black and white. In the past, due to wireless speed limitations, color was not an option. Now, color comes standard with all new indoor cameras. This means you can much more easily tell what the threat to your RV is.

The best part of the new system is that we have been able to add all of the new technology and offer it at no additional charge – the price remains the same.


For our existing customers, we’re proud to offer an exchange system. The exchange system works simply, and is valid for September, October, and November of 2013. Buy a new system, and let us know. Upon receipt, install the new system. Then, just box up the old system and send it to us. We’ll test the system, and if it works, send you a refund for 20% of the cost of the new system.

So give us a call at 901-922-9600!