No Other RV or Motorhome Security System Lives Up to Ours!

The truth is that there are other security systems on the market for your RV. In their time, they were on the cutting edge of technology. Some customers have asked what the difference between our system and some other popular systems are. We don’t believe in “bashing” competition, so we’ll keep this to a list of feature comparisons – we won’t mention any brands.

Alarm Noise
Some RV Security Systems are limited to simply making a noise. Over time, this feature has lost its usefulness. Think about how many car alarms you hear every day, and then think about how many of them get attention from anyone. The truth is that very few people will even look out their window to see what is causing a car alarm to go off. We’ve been immunized to them because we’ve been burned by too many “false alarms!”

On the other hand, a loud alarm is enough to send some intruders fleeing.

The RV Security System is a true home/business level security system for your RV. It can be programmed to make a very loud noise when it detects an intrusion, or to stay silent. This is an issue of personal philosophy – if you want police to have a chance of catching the burglar in the act, silent alarms are better, as the intruders will typically stick around longer with a silent alarm. If you want to have a chance of scaring the burglar or vandal off, a loud alarm is better. Either way, the RV Security system will send an alert. Which brings us to the next feature set comparison.
Most RV Security Systems don’t alert you to an intrusion. This is because when you break them down, you find they are honestly just big car alarms. You would never install a siren on your house, so why would you put a big siren in your RV?

True security systems will alert someone to an intrusion. Our better competitors send a text message when they are tripped. This is better than a siren, but it isn’t good enough.

The RV Security System is years ahead of everyone else. It doesn’t just alert you to motion, it sends a video to your cell phone and email (unlimited addresses) showing you the motion that set it off. The RV Security System also sends text messages alerting you to an intrusion.

Of the above three alert measures, Video Verification is the most important. The reason is that false alarms are a huge problem in the security industry. Did you know that the Las Vegas Police Department has had a policy of not responding to alarms without “visual verification” since 1992? Salt Lake City Utah has a similar policy. The RV Security Systemgives you the video verification that you need to get a police response in every jurisdiction. And since the system sends it straight to your cell phone, you can obtain that response from anywhere – even if you’re on another continent.
Power Consumption
Power Consumption is a huge issue. Most systems die when you cut battery power of in your RV. This means that with our competitors, you’re not protected if you have your RV in storage. The RV Security System is designed to not be limited in this way. Each component of the system has an internal power supply, and the system self checks these frequently (we can program it to do so daily, every 48 hours, 72 hours, weekly, etc). So if someone breaks into your RV while it is in storage (like what happened to 10 RV Owners in Yukon, OK*), you’ll get video alerts, texts, and phone calls. You’ll see what’s going on, and can then respond appropriately by calling the police.

*By the way, if your RV Storage Facility doesn’t use the RV Security System, ask them to consider doing so. Remember, it’s YOUR stuff getting stolen, not the storage company’s!