Words Everyone Hates: “I had a Break-in Last Week”

As someone who empathizes with potential customers, the worst words I can hear are “I had a break-in last week.” Every time I hear those words I hear pain, and  I’m reminded why RV Security is in business: to help prevent the pain caused to RV and Motorhome owners by burglaries and vandalism.

 If you’re reading this and your RV hasn’t been burglarized, I’m excited because I have the chance to tell you that you need a security system for your RV before you go through the pain of a burglary. There are few things you can do that will give you more peace of mind about your RV experience than installing an RV Security system.

rvsecurityprotectsyourrvYou need The RV Security System to help prevent pain. I’ve personally been broken into before. The most recent break-in was at my office by four men, who prior to breaking into my office had robbed two businesses on the same floor of the office building as mine.


The first business they burglarized was a computer repair shop with no alarm. It was cleaned out of $30,000+ worth of customer computers.

 The second business was a watch shop with a traditional alarm system that the thieves bypassed – the owner’s monitoring service was never notified. They cleaned the shop out some very nice Rolex watches and priceless family heirlooms. The police report showed losses of over $75,000.00.


The break in at RV Security’s offices turned out differently. When the criminals kicked down my door, I got a near instant video alert. At the time of the break in, I was attending a fundraiser gala  with my family. I remember in great detail looking at my iPhone, seeing the video, and instead of wondering if the alarm was false, I knew it was the real deal – I had a video of four guys who were in my office right now!


There was a difference between what happened to my business and what happened to the other two businesses on my floor. RV Security lost nothing. And no, I don’t mean that the police recovered what was stolen from us. Literally nothing was taken. We had a broken door, sure, but the police response was timely enough to save our business, because we had video. The police knew the threat was real and responded to our call immediately. Sadly, the other two businesses each lost a lot, as the criminals had been coming and going out of the office building at will until they hit my office. This shows the power of crime interruption vs. after the fact discovery.


You might not be able to prevent someone from breaking into your RV, but knowing about a break in right away can change the outcome dramatically. Like us, you can work with the police if you’re broken into, interrupt the crime, and then go on with your life. The alternative is dealing with the aftermath of a break in, which can include your RV being in the shop for months, frustrating insurance claims, and losing items which may never be recovered.


To learn more about The RV Security System, watch our demo video. It will take you through the system capabilities and show you how easy our all wireless system is to install and use. Then give us a call at 901-922-9600.


Our family of customers grows every month. We’d love you to join the rest of our customers in resting assured that your RV will be protected.