General RV Security Tips

While we sell a great RV Security System, it should be used in conjunction with common sense security tactics. Parking in a dangerous area, leaving your RV at a vulnerable parking site, or committing any one of the other common mistakes can cost you dearly.

We’re going to discuss tips for RV Security. Please share your security tips below as well.

Before we discuss some actual tips, we want to make two things clear:

  1. We do not want you to be paranoid. Tens of thousands of people travel safely in RV’s every day, without incident.
  2. RV’s offer criminals targets of high opportunity. Valuable and mobile in and of themselves, they also typically have many valuable goods in them. Be practical, alert, and smart. Having a fire extinguisher, wearing a seat belt, and following good security practices in your RV are reasonable.

Make Good Security Practices a Habit
If you do not practice good security every time you park, everywhere you go you’ll probably have the bad results you’re looking to avoid the one time you don’t follow them. Practicing good security should become a routine – a habit that is so strong, breaking it could only be done intentionally.

Start with the Basics
Locks. We are surprised by how many RV owners do not lock their RV’s! While most people we deal with lock their RV if they are going far away from their unit, many will not lock their RV if they are staying close by their parking site. Being right outside the door is one thing. But if anything obstructs your line of site to the door, why risk it? Also, consider how many times you’ve left your RV to get some water, and started talking to someone about one thing that led to another and then another, and the next thing you knew, you weren’t thinking about your RV. You left, and your RV or trailer was left completely open.

Location and Friendlies. You should always pick a location that can be seen by as many people as possible. This won’t stop break ins, but it will mean that if you get in trouble, help is within visual range. If you can, make sure to park with people you know. They will be able to more easily tell what is “normal” and “not normal” than a stranger could, and with the personal relationship you enjoy with a friendly, they will care more.

When you park, park in good light, and if you have any flexibility, position your RV so that all points of entry are in as much light as possible and viewable by as many neighbors as possible.

The tips above encapsulate a broader principle: layered security. Good lighting helps you approach and leave your RV with safety. Good external visibility to others helps protect your RV. Using good locks removes the easiest and most obvious sources of entry. Parking with others who care about you gives you more eyes (and great company).

What’s left?

A good security system, for one. The RV Security System can help you two ways. First, if you program the on board siren, it can alert you while you’re in the unit instantly to an intrusion. That’s common though. The second way it can help you is through its easily changeable distribution list.

You can change who gets alerts through our website at any time. Want five neighbors to get phone calls if there is an intrusion? Get their permission, phone numbers, emails, etc – if there is an intrusion, they will get phone calls, texts, or video alerts – or any combination. Very powerful.

Thanks for reading, and please leave your tips or questions below!