Nail Poachers With a Video Alert System

Our Video Alert Systems have been used globally, in a wide variety of applications.

Nail Poachers with a Video Alert System.

The mobile nature of our systems and their self powered design make it perfect for another use: nailing poachers.  Wildlife Law Enforcement agencies are woefully understaffed, and an officer  can only be in one location at a time.

A Video Alert System widens the officer’s presence. As a low maintenance, leave behind item, the Video Alert System can be forgotten about until something happens at the site. The Video Alert System then springs into action, texting an activity alert to to up to five officers, as programmed, and emailing a 10 second clip of the incident to your staff. The officer can view the clip on their cell phone, and respond if appropriate.

All other systems have short deployment lives; our Video Alert System can stay at a site for up to three years without a battery change, depending on usage. Other systems require human monitoring; our Video Alert System filters through inactivity for you, freeing up man hours.

The system can be deployed to an area in 15 minutes, and at that point your officers can get on with their normal duties. But if a poacher approaches, they’ll be notified.

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