The RV Security System

Protect your RV, Motorhome, or Travel Trailer.

The system works simply:

  1. Motion cameras detect and record intruders.
  2. The RV Security System relays all information to our server network through the cellular network.
  3. The RV Security System’s redundant server network passes the alerts and videos to everyone in your alert list simultaneously.
  4. You know exactly what is happening in your RV, even if you’re on another continent. You contact the police – telling them you have a video of someone there now means they know there is a bad guy, and that there is no false alarm. Police like catching bad guys.

Some systems just make a noise. Others leave you wondering if the threat is real. The RV Security System verifies the threat by sending you a video, whether you’re at home, or on another continent. You’re in control.

The RV Security System is truly “revolutionary.”  Our RV Security system offers the level of security you would expect from a stationary system and has far greater capabilities than any other system on the market. The system detects and sends a video of intruders to your cell phone, allowing you to take appropriate action. The system is simple, and it works.

No false alarms with this system! Police departments love that – which is why the National Sheriff’s Association Endorses our hardware.

How Does The RV Security System Work?

Our standard package is a turn key wireless system system which includes a base unit, two remote arming devices (similar to what you use to lock and unlock your car), and two cameras. There is no wiring for you to mess around with! The cameras and the base unit use long lasting batteries (with average use, 4 years is common).

Permanently install the cameras using screws – or even attach using Velcro tape. These cameras will be positioned with a long throw area, covering multiple points of entry, and the base unit is hidden. You can put it anywhere in the RV you would like.

Alerts to go out to as many phone numbers and emails as you choose. Once installed and armed, your system will call you when it detects an intrusion and email you a 10 second video of the incident. With its passive infrared camera, you’ll be able to clearly see what happened, even in pitch black.

You’re in control – wherever you are. Now your RV is really protected!

This is a Screenshot from a Video Alert. One of our employees set a system off for demonstration purposes.

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