Base Unit

The RV Security System: $975.00 – May Special $775.00!!

Suitable for the owner wishing to monitor a main cabin area or small camper. This package is designed to work at temperatures as low as 32°F, and package includes a base unit, one motion detection camera, and one remote arming key.

The Base Unit for Your RV Security System

1 Base Unit (XL 601 Panel)

The Camera for Your RV Security System

1 Camera (DC 601 Indoor Motion Viewer)

The Remote For Your RV Security System.

1 RC601 Remote Arming Device.

This system is perfect for protecting your RVs living area. Most coaches’ only point of entry is from the front, through the entry door. Occasionally the front window will be used. One properly positioned motion camera can cover both of these points of entry and send you a clear video of an intrusion strait to your cell phone and/or computer.

When this system detects an intrusion, it quickly does several things.

  1. The system comes out of low power mode and connects with a cellular tower.
  2. The system fires a burst to our servers instructing them to call the account’s voice alert list. This list can have up to five telephone numbers and include land phones or cellular phones.
  3. The system relays the video to our servers, which then relay the video to your distribution list. This distribution list can include as many email addresses and cell phone numbers as you desire.

The video is the key component of the system, and is what makes our system better than any other RV protection device on the market. The great majority of alarms police respond to are false alarms. Video verification means you’re more likely to get a timely police response.

To order, call 901-922-9600.