The RV Security System Pricing

The RV Security System is revolutionary. It is the only video based system on the market. It is the only system on the market that will not drain your RV’s batteries. Best yet, it works anywhere you get a cell phone signal, and installation normally takes less than half an hour.

Each hardware package requires a plan to work. Call 901-922-9600 for questions or to place an order.

The xTreme RV Security System: $1680.50

Our product lineup was refreshed in October of 2013. The xTreme Road RV Security System is designed to handle temperatures as low as -20°F and as high as 140°F in an indoor setting. This robust system is perfect for the active RVer, for the owner who needs protection when their RV is in storage – or both. The xTreme RV Security System includes base unit, arming station, one motion camera, and one remote arming key.


XTIP 610 Base Panel

1 Arming Keypad - XMA

The Camera for Your RV Security System

1 Camera (Indoor MotionViewer)

The Remote For Your RV Security System.

1 RC601 Remote Arming Device.

Due to sales volume, lead time on these systems is 8-12 business days. Each system carries a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Indoor sirens, also wireless, can be purchased at an additional price.