GPS Tracking

If your RV is stolen, you will want to quickly recover it. RV Security offers a military grade GPS tracking unit capable of showing you unit location. What sets us apart from our competition is our proprietary “Geofencing” technology.

With Geofencing technology, you use our web interface to literally draw a fence on a map. If upon checking in your unit reports to our servers that it is outside of its Geofence, an alert is sent to your cell phone.

In addition to Geo-Fence reporting, your unit can report to you on starting or stopping movement and during movement.

Price: $599.

Reporting Plans:

  • Basic Plan. $35.00 a month. $0.35 per alert
  • Intermediate Plan $47.00 a month. Includes 100 alerts. Additional alerts $0.29 each.
  • Advanced Plan $55.00 a month. Includes 200 alerts. Additional alerts $0.24 each.

Specials – Good Thru 2/28/2011:
Purchase any GPS Tracking Plan with an RV Security System and receive 10% off your monthly GPS Tracking Package.
Prepaying for 1 year of service will net you a discount! If you purchase a 1 year plan in January or February, special rates will be as follows: $360.00 (vs. $420.00). Intermediate plans will run $480.00 (vs. $564) and Advanced plans will run $576 (vs. $660).

For more information or to purchase, call 901-922-9600 or email