[Expired] $250 off any System – Our Small Business Saturday Special! (Expired)

This offer expired November, 2011. We considered writing up a fancy, cleverly worded, extremely funny announcement for our #smallbusinesssaturday special. Groupon has a patent on that, plus it didn’t take long for us to realize that we’re better at protecting your RV than being clever, funny writers.

More importantly, security is serious business, because protecting your RV and family from fire and intruders is important. Since almost all RV breakins happen when owners are away from an RV, and many RV’s are now in winter storage, winter is the best time to start protecting your RV!

In the spirit of cutting to the chase, here are our #smallbusinesssaturday specials:

$250 off any system we sell. Call us on Saturday at 901-266-9996 for the special! And please, let them know you want the special #smallbusinesssaturday pricing.


You can view our systems here, but below is a summary of the deals.


The RV Security System – Normally $975.00, for Saturday only it is $725.00.

The Base Unit for Your RV Security System

1 Base Unit (XL 601 Panel)

The Camera for Your RV Security System

1 Camera (DC 601 Indoor Motion Viewer)

The Remote For Your RV Security System.

1 RC601 Remote Arming Device.

The xTreme Temp RV Security System – Normally $1380.50, for Saturday only buy for $1130.50.

XT 600

XT 600 Base Panel

1 Low Temperature Keypad – CMA 601

The Camera for Your RV Security System

1 Camera (DC 601 Indoor Motion Viewer)

The Remote For Your RV Security System.

1 RC601 Remote Arming Device.


Again, call us on Saturday for these specials at 901-922-9600!

Custom Alerts and Triggers: Protect Your Pets or Trigger a Symphony.

Customers love our out of the box packages – they are easy to set up and meet the needs of about 90% of those people contacting us.

For those of you with custom needs, our system can be configured to work with you. The premise is simple: If you have a sensor that you want to tie into our system, we can normally adapt your sensor to work with our system. We can also work with your custom installer to adapt your sensor to work with our system.

Alternately, we can help you configure our system to trigger many external devices.

I’ll give you some example of this to help you visualize some possibilities.

Scenario One: 

Dogs in an RV Park

You Love Them. Protect Them Even When You're Gone.

John and Susan love traveling around the country with their dogs. They are nervous about leaving their dogs in their RV, because they have had a generator failure in the past. The couple would like to be able to leave their dogs behind without worrying about dangerous temperatures in the RV.

The solution is simple: John and Susan work with RV Security to find a temperature sensor that can be integrated with The RV Security System. RV Security provides an off the shelf, industrial quality temperature sensor which they integrate with the system and test before shipping. John and Susan are notified of physical threats to their dogs (an intruder) and temperature increases before their dogs are at risk. Their property and family are thus made safer.




Scenario Two:

Is Your RV Protected While In Storage?

"Look at all those trailers in one place!" Traditional Video surveillance won't help at 3:00 AM. Video Alerts from the RV Security System will. We can even tie systems to many external devices of your choice.

Frank’s travel trailer has been broken into three times in the last nine months while in storage. He lives a mile away from the storage facility, which is very close to a neighborhood. Frank wants notifications when he is at home or out of town, but he also wants something to raise a ruckus at the scene. He contacts RV Security to find out if there is anyway that the system can trigger a horn system he is thinking of purchasing.

The answer is yes. RV Security recommends the customer’s installer contact them. We work with the installer to select a horn system that can be activated by a dry contact, and ship the system configured to activate the horn system when any component of the system detects an intrusion. This system still sends alerts out, but any intruder is treated to a sound show the likes of which they have not heard.

It should be noted that we have very capable outdoor strobes and sirens available, however we have found that some customers really want to put on a show!


If you have something you would like to protect in your RV, that’s what we do. Give us a call at 901-922-9600. We would love to be of service to you.

Why You Need an RV Security System this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is almost upon us, and RVers will be filling the roads headed to their favorite places, with their favorite people.

We’ve been very thankful for strong sales of The RV Security System this year. We wish that these sales came to us on better terms though. What I mean by this is that I wish we had a larger customer base of users who contacted us prior to a break in. The large bulk of our customers approach us after their RV or Fifth Wheel has been broken into. And that honestly makes me sad.

These are the customers who understand why they need an RV Security System. They get it – we don’t have to sell them on the need. Once they understand the need, they contact us, because if you’re looking for the best system available, we have it.

You need an RV Security System because you have things that other people want in your RV. Even if you clean it out, people will think you have things they want in your RV. Desperate people will damage your RV to get to these things!

One customer who recently purchased the RV Security System told us he had been broken into twice in the last six months alone. His RV is parked at a very nice storage facility in a nice part of his town. It is well lit, and the storage company even has “24/7 Video Surveillance.” Yet this very nice man has experienced two expensive break-ins, and gotten to watch those famous, frustrating surveillance videos. Like a lot of victims we talk to, this man suffered more financial loss from damage to his RV than he did from actual theft. Cabinetry, upholstery, windows – these are all expensive to replace. These things are time-consuming to replace. Replacing them leaves you feeling like a victim.

You need an RV Security System because you want to have the chance to stop crime while it is happening. Only the RV Security System is cell based with individually self-powered components. Our system works anywhere you get a cell phone signal, and sends you a video verification of the intrusion. With that, you can contact police and get an actual response to your intrusion.

Go ahead, give us a call with questions. We’re here to help. 901-922-9600.

Have a great weekend!

We hope that everyone who is taking their RV out this weekend has a safe and happy time. Remember, whenever you’re down in your RV make sure you lock the doors and use whatever security system you have!

Follow Up: How Well the RV Security System Did Protecting a Home

Several days ago, we shared how one of our employees used The RV Security System to temporarily protect their home. We couldn’t be more thrilled as to how things worked out.

To recap, the employee was in a situation where a handyman had to come to their home to do some maintenance – and the employee could not be at their house while this was happening. to protect themselves, they temporarily installed (and when we say installed, we mean that they placed our cameras on the ground facing doors – it took only a couple of minutes) cameras in areas the handyman had no need to go into.

So how did the system work? The handyman went into a bedroom past the area he was working on. The system called our employee and sent a video to his iPhone. The employee called the apartment management and was able to take care of the situation without involving the police.

One of the things that we really like about The RV Security System is the discretion it affords users. If a user gets an alert to something going on in their RV – a strange intruder, for example, calling the police is appropriate. We’ve had stories from users of the system who have had incidents that they felt would not have been appropriate for police involvement though.

A good example of this is a customer who had a problem with their kids breaking into their RV to party. They wanted to know what was happening so they could deal with things themselves. Our system allowed them to do that – and to show other parents very quickly (courtesy a simple email forward) what was happening.

We would love to help you protect your RV. If you have any questions about our system, or would like to order, please, call us at 901-922-9600.

Today, I’m Protecting my Home with The RV Security System

Without a doubt, we offer the best RV Burglar alarm in the world. What you may not know is that the system has capabilities that put most home and business security systems to shame. Due to the mobile nature of The RV Security system, I often use my system outside of an RV application. Today is one such day.

The problem I’m using my system to solve is room security in my home. A maintenance company is sending over personnel to do some electrical work. They have key access to my home, so I don’t have to be present for them to do the work. This also leaves me vulnerable to theft.

What I did was simple: I place cameras around my home in areas the workers will not have to go into. If they go into these areas, I will receive a phone call and a video alert, and I can react quickly – most likely by calling their boss.

How long did it take me to set the system up? Less than three minutes. I placed 4 cameras around my home, on the floor (and upside down) covering the door entry points. I then armed the system using my remote and left. The private areas of my home are protected.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, one where you have a location that you feel is vulnerable for a short amount of time, you can easily use your RV Security system to protect that area with a non-permanent setup.

We offer hardware and plan discounts to owners of The RV Security System who purchase an additional system to protect their home or business. If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us at 901-922-9600. We would love to explore the capabilities of the system with you!