The RV Security System vs. Traditional Alarm and Surveillance Systems

Trees knocked onto powerlines by Alabama tornado

Downed powerlines mean no power. This will cause traditional alarm and surveillance systems to fail.

We get a lot of calls from customers looking for RV surveillance systems. Surveillance systems very popular right now because technology has progressed to the point that someone with very little technical prowess can get a lot of bang for their buck. A $1700 box from Sam’s Club and a weekend of running cabling through a house nets a homeowner a very impressive surveillance system. Higher end units even have email alerts (but they won’t show you what set them off, call, or text you).

There are two major drawbacks to such systems, and these drawbacks have been reinforced by the spring tornadoes, floods, and general bad weather we’ve had all across the US this year.

The first drawback is power consumption. Surveillance systems require power from the power company, and lots of it. If a tornado hits your local transformer or power line, your system will stop working immediately – unless you have a battery backup. Some parts of Northern Alabama were without power for two weeks due to tornadoes. A really big battery backup system  would net a medium sized surveillance system an hour of backup time, tops. When that’s gone, you’re vulnerable.

The RV Security System is superior to surveillance systems because of its low power operating mode. Our system uses long lasting batteries and a very efficient design that minimizes power consumption to maximize up time. Typical residential use scenarios see a 1-4 year battery life cycle, and the system checks periodically to warn you of any dead batteries. I (Matthew) use the RV Security System to protect my home, and I use it at the offices. When Memphis had bad storms that knocked power out, I never had a moment of unprotected property due to power outages.

No other RV Security System or RV Alarm on the market operates without using your RV’s batteries. We get calls from RV owners who complain that other systems won’t even stay up for a day when their RV is in storage because of battery life issues. They’re very happy when we tell them The RV Security System stays powered up for years in storage scenarios.

The second drawback to traditional Alarm and Surveillance Systems is connectivity. In major storms, tens of thousands of buildings in an area can lose their internet connectivity. In some cases, this is due to damage to the internet providers’ systems. In other cases, the service providers lose power to their systems, just like the rest of us. When Memphis last lost power, our office’s Comcast connection was down for a week because the last service point before our building was without power.

Most surveillance systems that allow outside monitoring or alerting require a good hard wired internet connection. The RV Security System utilizes cellular technology. With fewer points of failure, we see much less down time than traditional alarm and surveillance systems. In fact, the only downtime that could occur due to a tornado would be due to a direct hit on a localized cell tower. Cell companies normally fix these quickly with a mobile cell tower. Thus, connectivity wise, The RV Security System is much more reliable than internet base systems.

Telephone based systems have a weakness The RV Security System does not have: wiring. A simple clip to a phone line renders traditional alarm systems inert. The RV Security System uses no wiring. Instead, it uses wireless connectivity with military grade encryption and connectivity.

No power use, low failure rate from network issues, and no wires to clip matter to RV owners who store their RVs, but most people who own an RV actually want to use it! The RV Security System works on the road, and the same things that make it great for use in storage make it great on the road: it won’t use your RV’s batteries and it doesn’t require a telephone or hardwired internet connection.

To close, The RV Security System is, flat out, the best security system on the market today for RV owners. We would love to help you protect your investment and memories. Please call us at 901-922-9600 today for a fast, free quote!

Three Types of RV Security Systems for Three Types of Customers

No one customer uses their RV in the exact same way another does, so no one customer will secure their RV in the same way as another. Usage patterns will vary, but we’ve discovered that most commonly there are three things different customers want the system to do:

Scenario One: Secure the RV Interior only. These customers are concerned about preventing and prosecuting vandalism and theft from their RV.
Most customers who purchase systems from us for this purpose have luxury RVs with interiors that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. These customers also understand that the cost of damage to an interior is more than just a dollar sign. When the interior of an RV is destroyed by a thief, dollars, convenience, and innocence are taken.
Scenario Two: Secure the RV Storage Area. These Customers are concerned about their storage area only.
Customers who want to secure their storage area understand that their RV is most vulnerable when they are away from it, and want to receive alerts when they are away from their RV (while it is in storage).
Scenario Three: Secure the RV Storage Area and the RV Interior. These customers have a secure storage area, but realize that when traveling the only area that they can control is the RV interior. When they are at home base, they use their system to monitor the interior. When they are at home, they use outdoor system components to protect the exterior of their RV. When on the road, they protect the interior. This is the best of both worlds.

No matter what your philosophy on RV Security is, we offer a system that will do what you need it to. The RV Security System will send interior and exterior video alerts to your phone and/or computer, allowing you to take appropriate action. Our systems do not rely on an external power source so they won’t drain your RV’s battery. Our monthly plans include the cellular charges.Best yet, there is no wiring a tall to fool with.

If you have any questions, please, call us today at 901-922-9600.

What Does Your RV Mean To You?

We love to talk with active and potential customers because hearing their stories gives us a good idea of what we’re helping them protect. That in turn makes us feel good, because at our company we love people. Every RV on the road has one thing in common: the people inside. We don’t just make a living at this company, but live doing something we love.

That is where we really click with our customers. Our system requires a relationship with you, the user, because we’re trying to live up to one of our goals: “Helping people protect themselves almost everywhere.”

To the family on a cross country vacation, the system offers protection while away from the family’s home – because that’s what an RV becomes on a long trip.

To the disaster response team, The RV Security System offers assurance that they’ll have a place to sleep, clean up, and grab a couple hours of sleep after they pour themselves out all day long before the next day starts.

To the medical teams using their RV as a mobile hospital, The RV Security System offers a way to make sure supplies aren’t looted and that the RV is available to serve people in need.

The law enforcement agencies using their RV’s as mobile command centers, The RV Security System protects against vandalism and theft – making sure that the RV is available to to agency to “Protect and Serve.”

Our company is proud to help different users protect their RV’s and keep them in service, and we would love to help you do the same thing. We would love to quote you on a system configured to meet your needs. Please, call us at 901-922-9600.

Protecting Medical and Blood Collection RV’s with a Mobile, Video Based Security System

We have had several non-profit organizations contact us recently to inquire about protecting their medical and blood collection RVs. Some are responding to actual break-ins in which they have lost equipment and medical supplies and other organizations are being proactive. The most common fear we have heard expressed is that materials stolen from a medical RV will be used by drug addicts to support their habit. Another concern is losing the ability to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively.

If your organization has a medical RV on stand by for disaster response, we highly recommend your organization purchase a security system of some type.

Basic protection of a medical RV would consist of a secure fence and integration with a static blind security system. This would consist of parking your RV in a fenced area and having a traditional security company wire sensors from around the RV parking area into your building’s existing security system. This will provide a minimal layer of protection to the medical RV. This method of protection is far from perfect. Outdoor installations of traditional systems are easy to defeat with simple wire cuts and an extended power outage such as what is being experienced in Northern Alabama would cause such a system to lose power after approximately 4 hours (the most common battery backup level on traditional security systems).

Since most RV’s are stored outdoors, traditional motion based systems will yield a disproportionate amount of false alarms. Over time, this may lead the police to respond with less speed to alarms at your organization’s address. A traditional system will not protect your organization’s RV while it is on the road responding to disasters.

A better solution is The RV Security System. Our system is ideal for RV protection for several reasons.

The first reason is that it The RV Security System the only system that will protect your agency’s RV both on the road and at home. This is because our system utilizes cellular technology to send all alerts. Because of this, our system will work at your base camp and at most disaster locations.

The second reason The RV Security System is ideal for protecting medical RVs is that there is no wiring between system components. This means there is no wiring that can be clipped between system components, which makes the system more difficult to defeat and easier to deploy.

The third reason The RV Security System is ideal for protecting medical RVs is that our system has multiple alert methods that can be custom tailored to meet your agency’s needs.

Each system can be custom configured to send up to five voice alerts, and unlimited mms and email video alerts. For example, the system might be configured to call three team members on the field with the system in the event of an intrusion and two at home – while sending 16 video alerts to 8 people (both on their computer and phone) or 24 video alerts to 12 people.

For more information on how we can help your organization protect your medical RV or blood donation collection RV, please contact RV Security at 901-922-9600.

Theft Thursday – Canadian Couple Surives The Ultimate Theft Attempt

The Toronto Sun reported on Monday about Jack and Eileen Appleton surviving a harrowing robbery attempt in Mexico as they were returning from a winter of camping in Mexico. Mr. Appleton is apparently a retired Mountie, while Mrs. Appleton is a retired Toronto Police officer. What happened? And what can RVers learn?

The Appletons handled the situation as smartly as possible in our opinion, but they were still very vulnerable. From reports we have read, here are the things they did right:

  1. The Appletons used their RV defensively. A vehicle is a powerful weapon – especially an RV. The Appletons knew this from their police training, and acted accordingly.
  2. The Appletons tried to put distance between themselves and their attackers – and to get to a public place. In this instance, the Appletons went to a gasoline station.
  3. The Appletons complied with their attackers, but when they had no other choice. Compliance is very tricky and if you are traveling in a dangerous area, you should study it. We’re not experts in dealing with drug gang hostage situations!

What are some takeaways RV owners can glean from this situation?

  1. When traveling internationally:
    1. US Citizens should check State Department Travel Advisories – especially when going into Mexico.
    2. Canadian Citizens should check with The Office of Foreign and International Trade.
  2. Your RV is a target of opportunity for criminals. They see an RV as a sign of money, they see it as a non-secure easily entered space, and they know you are at least temporarily living in it.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings. The Appletons found a public area to pull into. That may very well be the reason they are alive.

One point of interest: The Appleton’s were robbed of the camera they used to snap pictures of their attackers, and the Mexican government does not seem interested in prosecuting the criminals who perpetrated the attack. The RV Security System sends all videos it records offsite to our secure servers in the US and in Europe, so if it is stolen prosecution is still normally possible.

Please, don’t be scared to RV. Attacks like this are rare (though both the US and Canadian governments advise citizens to NOT travel along the Mexican border right now). We’re glad the Appletons were not killed or physically hurt in this ambush and we hope that their experience will help others prepare mentally for the unthinkable and unlikely events like this that rarely happen.

The RV Security System is on Sale in April!

We’re proud to announce an April sale on The RV Security System. The Bronze Package, which includes one camera, a base unit, and a remote arming device normally sells for $924.00. During the April sale, each Bronze System will sell for only $675! That’s 27% off!

Each system will still include free programming and shipping and the standard 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

This sale is for April only, so call now! 901-922-9600.

Have a great weekend!

We hope that everyone who is taking their RV out this weekend has a safe and happy time. Remember, whenever you’re down in your RV make sure you lock the doors and use whatever security system you have!

Why is the RV Security System Revolutionary? It Won’t Drain Your RV’s Batteries (Part 3)

Today we’re continuing our series on why the RV Security System is revolutionary. The first two reasons we covered were that (1) it fills a void no other product does and (2) It can help you fight fuel theft.

Today, we’re going to be discussing the revolutionary way the system uses batteries. Don’t chuckle – the system really does address this in a way no other security system does.

For most security systems, battery power is a backup. If the primary power fails, the battery kicks in and you’re good for a short amount of time. The batteries only work for a little bit since the systems are battery hogs. However, for RV Security Systems this heavy power consumption isn’t an option if you want the system to function reliably and not hinder the normal operations of your RV.

Take, for example, the RV owner who stores their RV 4 months out of the year. When the RV is in storage, it simply isn’t an option to rely on a security system that will drain the main batteries. If you’re a “really good” RV owner you’re going to top off your batteries once a month, but I know of very few RV owners who actually follow this maxim. Thus having a system that treats its own batteries like a backup is a hindrance to long term operation of the system in storage. We’ve encountered a typical battery life of from 1 to 4 years, depending on usage.

The fact that The RV Security System uses its own batteries as the primary power source not only makes the system a breeze to install, but it means that the system is reliable for long term storage. You can shut everything off. You can remove the batteries from your RV if you want – The RV Security System will continue to power itself and will continue to do battery checks, and if it sees something that indicates a battery problem, the system will notify you.

And in a world of power draining traditional security systems that might stop monitoring at the worst possible time, all of this is revolutionary.

To ask questions, call us at 901-922-9600.

Theft Thursday – RV Thefts and Crimes From The Past Week (March 4, 2011)

We love RVers, RV’s, and protecting both! Because of this, we try to stay on top of news stories related to RV Theft, RV Breakins, and crime in general around the RV Community.

Here’s an update of what we saw happen in the last week.

The “big news” of the week in RV related Crime was the arrest of Arnold Donzelmann, which stemmed from a 3 year investigation by the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council. Mr. Donzelmann faces 97 charges. We haven’t seen a court date listed anywhere yet.

The Edmonton Journal states:

After selling someone an RV, Donszelmann allegedly asked customers to lease the vehicle back to him for use in his rental business, promising them annual revenue and free storage in exchange, Hamilton said.

Donszelmann allegedly then sold these RVs to new owners.

We hope assets can be recovered and disbursed back to the victims of any crimes Mr. Donszelmann is found guilty of.

On February 18, Matthew W. Peil was arrested for breaking into a secure storage facility in Alamogordo, NM.

The Alamogordo Daily News Reports:

Detective Mark Esquero said Matthew W. Peil has been charged with 18 counts of fourth degree breaking and entering, four counts of commercial burglary, two counts of receiving, retaining or disposing of stolen property over $500 and one count of possession of burglary tools. He is being held on $125,000 no-ten percent bond.

We hope true justice is served.

In Brattleboro, Vermont, Jonathan D. Pych plead guilty to 20 offenses related to breaking into storage units. He was given a suspended sentence of 8 years and placed on probation. Several felony charges were dismissed in the case.

The Brattleboro Reformer shares:

“I think this was a good resolution,” Cay said. “For a young man to have spent five months in jail, that would have an impact.”

The Springfield News Sun shares:

The owner of a storage unit in the 6700 block of North Dayton-Lakeview Road found the men trying to take some items from the property around 11 p.m. Monday, according to the report.

The man held Fox and Tindall at gunpoint until deputies arrived, according to the report.

We haven’t read about any further updates in this case.

In Petersborough, ON, a man was caught leaving the scene of a storage unit break-in, according to The Peterborough Examiner:

A man was caught red-handed as he walked out of a Harper Rd. business with a bag of break-in tools Thursday evening, city police said.

Police said officers were called to a break and enter at Peterborough Store and Lock at 6:32 p.m.

Finally, CBS Channel 8 reports that Federal, State and Local officials are screening every “Car, trailer, or RV” before they are allowed to enter the Las Vegas Speedway (read more).

Thanks for reading March 4′s Theft Thursday!

Why An Alarm System for RV’s?

Today we’re taking a break from our series about the revolutionary nature of The RV Security System. We’re going to instead focus on answering a question with an answer that is obvious to some, but not to others: “Why a video alarm system for RV’s?

The answer is simple: RV’s are vulnerable and valuable – and typically contain valuable people and things.

Every once in a while we’ll talk to someone in denial about the value of what they keep in their RV. Just for the record, let’s go over a small list:

  • Flat Screen TV’s
  • Laptops
  • iPad’s / tablets
  • Smart Phones
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Fuel
  • Firearms
  • Loved ones

You need a Video Alarm System like The RV Security System because you want to be in charge of your property at all times and you want to be able to notify the authorities and get a response if someone is trying to rob you of what is yours.

It’s really that simple.