Prevent Copper Theft!

Copper theft has become a recurring problem around the world. As copper prices have risen, the number of thefts has also increased.

The cost of copper theft is far greater than simple material. Property owners must pay to repair damaged equipment, rewire buildings, and fix any structural damage caused during the theft. This cost of this is unacceptable.

The RV Security System can fix your problem with copper theft!

Our system is completely wireless, uses long lasting batteries, and broadcasts alerts to multiple contact points in the event of an intrusion. Simply put, this means that when you install our system on your property, you’ll get a video alert when someone attempts to steal your copper. Since you see a video, you won’t contact law enforcement with false alarms. Since law enforcement doesn’t like false alarms, they take your video based report more seriously.

You could hire a guard to watch your assets all day long, or you can purchase The RV Security System.

Our system stores video of your intrusions off site, so even if thieves damage or steal the system, you’ll still have footage to prosecute.

We offer several different system configurations, so please contact us at 901-922-9600 for a quote.